Un[Expected] Mate[Reality] 2014 is an intensive workshop which offers an opportunity to students, researchers and young designers to explore methods and tools related to innovative topics of the architectural discipline. The Workshop is part of a series of initiatives based in the School of Architecture and Society of Politecnico di Milano and focusing on Computational Design and Emerging Technologies. The aim is to introduce students to contemporary design strategies centered on the application of advanced software, enabling an augmented ability to conceptualize, develop and build innovative architecture.


The workshop is intended in a holistic learn-by-design approach where advanced design methodologies and techniques are introduced along with the fabrication and construction of a a full scale prototype. Students and instructors will share a design and fabrication experience ranging from the principles of associative design to the actual construction of a temporary installation based on a parametric strategies. Participants, organized by groups and with the help of trained instructors will develop weaving construction prototypes with digital tools and production of test-models. Design proposals will be then experimentally constructed.

The workshop is conceived on three integrated modules:

+ Introduction to Parametric Design // through introductory lessons and exercises the logics of parametric design will be outlined and students will experiment basic techniques
+ Computational Weaving // weaving patterns will be explored and analyzed in their performative characteristics towards their implementation in architecture
+ Digital Fabrication and Construction // grasshopper techniques for digital fabrication will be shown and experimented also with the implementation of real prototypes


The participation is open to max 25 participants from Politecnico di Milano as well as International Students in architecture and interior design (Bachelor, Master or PhD level) – At the end of the workshop students will receive an official Certificate of Attendance equivalent to 4 cfu (official academic credits) for the Bachelor and Master Programs at the Faculty of Architecture of Politecnico di Milano. Alternatively the workshop can be recognized as part of a didactic internship program within our Department.

Unexpected Matereality Workshop - overview-def2

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